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Booked a hotel room?

Rebookey will track your hotel reservation and find price drops so you can save even AFTER you’ve booked!


From the moment you book your hotel reservation, until your check-in date, your room price could drop! Rebookey will track your reservation and find those price drops for you, so you can re-book and save!

Simply forward your reservation to Rebookey, and get automatic alerts if the rate has gone down. Then, just rebook and cancel your old, overpriced booking.

With typical savings between $50 to $200 per hotel room on an average 3-night reservation, this
FREE service is a no-brainer!

More on how Rebookey works >>

Seamless and 100% free 

no credit card required!

Rebookey is changing the way you book hotels:


Enjoy massive savings on prices that are constantly fluctuating 


Our experts will double check and see if there is an even better deal for your stay


To begin saving forward your reservation confirmation email to

How to save on your reservation:

Book your hotel


Use any booking site to secure your hotel room

Email us your booking


Simply forward your reservation confirmation to .
We will track it and alert you if the rate drops

Rate drop! Rebook


When your hotel room becomes cheaper just re-book and cancel your old, overpriced booking

Saying Goodbye to Hotel Booking Guesswork


When you’re planning your vacation, it’s always a game of chicken between you and the hotel booking sites.


If you book too early you might miss out on deals, and if you book too late then the prices might skyrocket.


In fact, the avarage person will spend 17 days researching hotel prices before finally booking something a whopping 64 days in advance.

With about a quarter of travellers reporting that they felt they had to do a significant amount of searching when booking their trip in order to feel confident that they were getting a good deal, it’s clear that this problem is both ubiquitous and frustrating. 

Rebookey is changing the way you book hotels

Rebookey allows you to book a hotel at your convenience because we find the best last minute deals as soon as the rate drops


No more comparing, or – we do it for you!


After completing the hotel booking many still keep comparing rates all over the web, still trying to find a better deal for their stay. Well, you can relax as rebookey will do it for you.

You have nothing to lose by giving Rebookey the green light to be your lookout robot, there’s a great chance Rebookey will save you enough to buy yourself a new Apple watch or a Playstation 4 (You get the point ;-) ).


Yosi, Magenta Medical , Founder :

"As the founder, and a VP in a start up company, it's important for me to make sure I perfectly use our business travel budget.
I encourage my team to book refundable rooms because there are always last minute changes.

Rebookey is giving us a great tool to make sure we get the best hotel rates possible"



Ronit Zimmer, Founder of Mailfixer :

"Out of lack of availability on the hotel website, I was forced to book a more expensive room than I wanted. So I forwarded my booking to Rebookey - it's a free service what's the worst that could happen right? Not only did Rebookey get me the cheaper room I was after, but I got it at 15% off the going rate.

Within minutes, I had rebooked the cheaper hotel room at the cheaper rate and cancelled the original reservation. So easy. And I saved nearly $100!"

Rebookey is giving us a great tool to make sure we get the best hotel rates possible" - Hotel Price Monitor
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Hotel rates change, track them to find the better deal. 

Take the gamble out of booking hotels -
it's your best move!

To begin saving forward your reservation confirmation email to

To begin saving forward your reservation confirmation email to

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