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Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Rebookey Work?

Using Rebookey couldn’t be simpler! Just email us your hotel booking confirmation, and we’ll monitor your hotel’s rates and alert you of any price drops. Forward your booking confirmation to to get started!


What happens when you find a price drop?

We email you a link to the new rate so that you can rebook and then cancel the more expensive booking.


Do you change my booking, cancel or rebook for me?

We do not change your reservation.

You are in control of your booking and only you can decide whether to cancel the more expensive room and rebook your room at the lower price that we have found for you.


What about taxes and cancellation fees?

We take into consideration cancellation fees and compare final prices

Most hotels will let you cancel your reservation with no penalties up to a few days before check in.

What about non refundable reservations?

Unfortunately you cannot cancel and re-book a non-refundable reservation without still paying the full rate. For maximum flexibility we advise to always book rooms that allow for free cancellations.


How much does it cost to use Rebookey?

The service is completely free of charge! No credit card needed.

Who sees my booking details? Is my information secure?

Your booking information is only for our internal use.


How do you monitor rate changes and what are my chances for saving?

According to our data, which was compiled by analyzing half a million room rates from thousands of hotels from all over the world, price drops happens often and your chances of saving up to 40% on your original booking are very high!


Do you offer more services?

No, we focus on getting you the best hotel rate possible.


How can I repay you?

Tell your friends about us, they could save too! The more users we have, the more power we will have to build better tools and get you better deals! Share Rebookey with your friends and social networks.


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